Seal of Assessment Excellence and Letter of Commendation

Recipient List for AY 2012-2013

Congratulations to the following academic units and degree programs for receiving either the Seal of Assessment Excellence or a Letter of Commendation for their assessment efforts during 2012-2013! We hope that these programs are proud of their efforts and that their examples can serve as inspiration and ideas for colleagues across campus as we all work toward enhancing student learning.

Seals of Assessment Excellence

The Seal of Assessment Excellence recognizes outstanding work in all three assessment phases as evidenced by the Annual Assessment Report.

MEd and Certificate in Educational Technologies

  • Used assessment findings for continuous program improvement, including undertaking a research study of the validity and reliability of program performance assessments

BSE Mechanical Engineering

  • Used main assessment tools and secondary assessment processes to assess, reflect on, and improve program student learning

Bachelor of Social Work

  • Clearly and thoroughly presented assessment findings, interpretations, and recommendations organized by program competencies

Letters of Commendation

The Letter of Commendation recognizes specific outstanding work in any of the three assessment phases.

BS Accountancy

  • Enabled meaningful faculty discussion and interpretation of assessment results by making clear links among program student learning outcomes, assessment measures, and standards   

Business Administration Bachelor Degrees - Yuma 

  • Asked important assessment questions related to student learning outcomes in the degree programs, explained why the questions were important, and identified how faculty used assessment results to improve student learning 

BSE Civil Engineering and BSE Environmental Engineering

  • Recommended comprehensive improvements to curriculum, learning design, and assessment

MS Clinical Speech-Language Pathology

  • Used multiple assessment measures to look at the achievement of program student learning outcomes from a variety of perspectives

BS Computer Science

  • Clearly and thoroughly summarized assessment findings and linked recommendations for change to those findings

BS Hotel and Restaurant Management

  • Encouraged faculty ownership of assessment by providing opportunities for faculty training, discussion, and application of rubrics prior to piloting the rubrics in courses across the curriculum

BSBA Management

  • Generated new assessment questions based on assessment findings in order to continuously improve student learning in the program

BS in Nursing; MS in Nursing; DPV Doctor of Nursing

  • Designed student learning outcomes for all programs to move students along a continuum from novice to more expert levels of nursing practice