"Ready, Set, Action!" International Week Photo Exhibit and Contest

“History may be divided into three movements: what moves rapidly, what moves slowly and what appears not to move at all.” ― Fernand Braudel

The Center for International Education is proud to sponsor the 'Ready, Set, Action!' photo exhibit and contest in conjunction with International Week 2017, April 10th - 14th. The Center for International Education staff will narrow the submissions down to the final ten, which will be proudly displayed for voting during International Week. Voters may select their favorite entry in person at the International Pavilion (building #50A) and the winners receive a monetary prize! Below you will find all the information you need to be a part of this amazing project.

The Project
The Award
Important Dates


The Project: Ready, Set, Action!

This project is about you and your global take on a world in motion. How do you perceive the movements and rhythms of humanity, friendship, the environment, politics, sports, leisure, work, holidays, etc. in an ever-changing global landscape?

As you think about your photography and the theme for our international exhibit, Ready, Set, Action!, ask yourself: How does this 'action shot' contribute to your understanding of culture? What has inspired you or others to take necessary action? What does this captured movement contribute to the world around us?  In addition to your photograph, you must indicate a title and location for the contest. (See requirements below).


Contest: Photograph submissions will be accepted from current NAU students only. One photograph accepted per student. Submissions must be your own original work. Each photograph must include a title and a location.

Deadline: The deadline for submitting your titled photo is April 5th by 5 pm. Any photos submitted after this deadline will not be displayed and will not be considered for an award. If you submit a photo of anything that is deemed inappropriate for the contest, it will not be displayed and will not be considered for an award. The CIE reserves the right to remove your photo from the contest at any time without prior notice.

Submission: If you are using digital photography, please email your selected photo to Rachel.Walker@nau.edu. The title and location of the photo should be included in the body of the email. Please note that all photos will be printed 8" x 10". If you wish to print your own photo please make sure it is an 8”x 10” photo and bring three prints to the Center for International Education, attention Rachel Walker. If you are using film photography you are welcome to handle the development yourself, again make sure it is an 8”x 10” photo and that three copies are provided.

The Award

The CIE will be giving an award of $250 in Jacks Debit Express to the winner of the Ready, Set, Action! photo contest. (2nd place and the "Children's Choice" winners will receive $100 and $50, respectively.) The winners will be announced after the International Festival and on CIE social media at the conclusion of International Week. (Stay tuned! www.facebook.com/nauintl) 


Any participant in the photo contest grants the Center for International Education perpetual and irrevocable use of their photo and relinquishes the Center for International Education and Northern Arizona University of any liability. In submitting a photo for the exhibit, the participant agrees in full to these conditions.

Important Dates

Deadline to Submit Photos with a title: Wednesday, April 5th by 5 pm
International Week: April 8th - 14th
Ready, Set, Action! Exhibition: The ten finalists will be determined by CIE staff. These ten photos will be available for voting in person at the International Pavilion during International Week until after the International Festival on April 14th. 
Winner Announcement: 5:00pm at the International Pavilion following the International Festival and online

Final Note

This project is really about you, so be creative and have fun! We look forward to receiving your photos and displaying them during International Week. If you have any questions please contact Rachel Walker at the Center for International Education at Rachel.Walker@nau.edu or 928-523-6700.
Happy Photographing!