Global learning curriculum for academic departments

The curriculum

The following are the reports prepared and adopted by these departments and programs:

Department involvement

A number of academic departments have been involved in the Global Learning Initiative seeking ways to adopt the principles of this project into their curricula.

Teams from each of these departments engaged in the initial work of addressing three fundamental tasks:

  1. develop global learning outcomes for majors in their own departments
  2. create curricular and co-curricular strategies to help students achieve these global learning outcomes
  3. build assessment approaches to establish that students are achieving the global learning outcomes

Reports developed by these teams were then presented to faculty colleagues in their respective departments who had an opportunity to review, discuss, make changes as deemed necessary and then vote to adopt these commitments to global learning.  These reports were then developed into curriculum.

Three themes of global learning

The teams were supported through workshops and expert faculty associated with the three themes of global learning:

  1. sustainability
  2. diversity
  3. global engagement


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