Study abroad

You’ll have the opportunity to study abroad and discover global applications to the skills and knowledge you’ve acquired as a student. The university’s Center for International Education offers exchange programs and field studies at universities and in countries around the world.

Spring 2018- HAN University of Applied Sciences Semester Abroad Exchange
     Application period has passed.

Summer 2018 TANZANIA/EAST AFRICA STUDY ABROAD: May 18 to June 9, 2018

This amazing study abroad opportunity is interdisciplinary and open to all nursing students and other health profession students as well as students in the social and behavioral sciences and biological sciences. The course is co-led by Dr. Karen Plager, Nursing Professor Emeritus and Dr. Fritz Lampe, Anthropology, who both have extensive experience working in East Africa. The course focuses on health, culture and sustainable development in select communities in northern Tanzania. To apply click on Center for International Education link at the top of this webpage. Please watch for announcements about information sessions for this study abroad course. Deadline for applications is February 15, 2018 (absolute deadline March 15, 2018).  For more information view the Power Point Presentation.

Fall 2018-- HAN University of Applied Sciences Semester Abroad Exchange

This is an opportunity for NAU Nursing traditional pre-license students in the final semester of their program to spend a semester of study abroad at HAN University of Applied Sciences Institute of Nursing Sciences in Nijmegen, Netherlands. The pre-application is due no later than March 15, 2018. For further information about the program, view the Power Point Presentation about this study abroad exchange. The Center for International Education (see link above) also has information about this opportunity.

    Faculty contact for both programs:
    Dr. Karen Plager