Program Requirements

Transfer process 

 The BSDH Degree Completion Program accepts up to:

  • 64 transfer credit hours from all community colleges attended
  • 26 non-traditional credit hours
  • 90 transfer credit hours from a university or a combination of a university and community college hours

Sample transfer credit process

A typical student might receive credit in the following way:


NAU hours

Transfer hours

Transfer Hours from Community College



Non-Traditional Credit



Total Transferred Hours



Total Hours Remaining
(to complete your degree with a 120 credit hour minimum)


*Items in red indicate deficiency in that requirement


Curriculum check sheet 

Once a student has been admitted and enrolled into a course, the Office of Undergraduate Admissions will perform a transfer credit evaluation that assigns Northern Arizona University equivalency courses to your transferred hours.

The transfer credit evaluation is then used for the completion of an unofficial curriculum checklist, which is sent out by the Dental Hygiene Degree Completion Department and outlines a student's Liberal Studies and core requirement courses.

The student must then contact the academic adviser, to develop a plan of study.

Completing your degree at NAU 

To complete the BSDH Degree Completion Program, you must complete:

These credits can be distributed between courses that are taken at Northern Arizona University and/or transferred from another university or community college. Among these courses, a student must take a minimum of 30 credits from Northern Arizona University and have 30 credits of upper division courses, for a total of 120 credit hours. 

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The BSDHCP program requires completion of a statistics course above and beyond the required 30 hours for the completion of the program. If you have already completed a statistics course, contact Juli Glade for further information about your stats course and the approval process.

The university offers Statistics 270 online to all extended campuses students. This statistics course does have a prerequisite of an intermediate algebra course. If you take stats 270 through NAU, it does not count toward your required 30 hours of upper division course work.

Below shows how a typical student would need to complete 30 credits to graduate with a BS in Dental Hygiene. Of those 30 credits, 12 are in Liberal Studies and 18 are in Dental Hygiene.


NAU hrs. 

Transfer hrs. 

Northern Arizona University Liberal Studies Hours (35 Hours)



Total Northern Arizona University DH Core Requirements
(18 Hours Minimum)



Northern Arizona University Hours Requirements (30 Hours Minimum)



Total Hours (120 Hours Minimum)



*Items that are in red indicate deficiency in that requirement. 

For transfer credits: if you have a degree in Dental Hygiene from a Community College, you will receive 63 credit hours depending on the work completed.   If you have any additional university or 4-year-college credits they may be added to your transfer credits.

Core requirements

18 hours total are required and are designed to assist dental hygienists in acquiring knowledge in:

  • clinical theory
  • management
  • organization
  • ethics
  • research
  • strengthening professional communication
  • multicultural oral care
  • clinical, computer, and statistical skills

Of the 18 hours required in the core, students must take five DH 3-credit requirement classes and one 3-credit DH elective.

View a blank unofficial curriculum worksheet.

View a student responsibility sheet.

Note: You will need to log in and check your student information account, LOUIE, to determine which courses are being offered. 

Required core dental hygiene courses (18 credit hours)


Course Number   

Course Title  

DH 416  

Professional Development 

DH 371 

Communication and Behavior

DH 474

Program Implementation

DH 450

Research Seminar

DH 373W

Assessment and Program Planning

DH 495C     
Capstone-Oral Health Outcomes

Elective dental hygiene courses: Select one course for a total of 3 credit hours. Be aware that courses change per semester and are offered based on instructor availability.


Course Number 

Course Title 

DH 440

Multiculturalism in DH

DH 402

Affiliated Practice Dental Hygiene

BBA 303

Business Management Fundamentals

Capstone courses  

All BS degree completion students are required to pass DH 495C, which is a culmination of your knowledge gained throughout the program; you will design and implement an intervention project in your community.

You will need to complete DH 373W and DH 450 before taking DH495C.