Student Resources

student resources 

Financial Aid 

Typically, graduate students have two options when it comes to financial support through the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid at NAU. They are eligible to apply for a) unsubsidized loans with a maximum of $20,500/year, and b) graduate-plus loans, if more than $20,500/year is needed. They may also independently apply for private grants, scholarships or other funding that might be available outside of NAU.



To learn how much you should expect to spend on tuition and other university expenses, visit the Student and Departmental Account Services website.  Refer to the CSD Graduate Student Handbook (on our home page in the left blue menu bar) > NAU Student and Departmental Account Services (Bursar) section > 1)  NAU Tuition and and Fees and 2)  CSD Program Fees.


Assistantships and other financial opportunities

The CSD department offers a limited number of graduate assistantships to first-year, full-time students. These are typically offered to out-of-state students, based on their ranking in the entering class. We also offer a limited number of tuition waivers to second-year, full-time students in the CSD department.

For additional opportunities, you may also check the web pages at:

Clinical information

Find more information about getting hands-on clinical experience in our Speech-Language and Hearing Clinic.


Need a place to live? Visit NAU’s residence life page for on-campus housing available to graduate students or visit NAU’s graduate college website to get information about off-campus housing. 

Also browse through the following links to find off-campus housing: