Personal Essay

This serves as an applicant’s introductory letter and writing sample. Begin your essay by filling in the blanks of the following sentence:  “I am applying for the ___________  (Full Time; Full-Time Leveler; or Part-time Summers) track with an anticipated start semester of _________ (Summer or Fall), _______ (Year).”

The Personal essay must be written within the parameters specified in the CSDCAS instructions.  The applicant should address why he or she is a good “match” to the NAU Clinical Speech-Language Pathology Master’s program given one’s interests, experiences, and background.  An applicant should identify those factors which she/he believes the Admissions Committee should consider in reviewing the application.

The Admissions Committee views the essay as an opportunity to gain information about an individual applicant that is not reflected by the traditional indicators (GPA, GRE scores, etc.). The essay component is considered quite seriously in terms of the applicant’s investment in its content, organization, spelling, grammar and attention to detail.  The essay is an essential vehicle for understanding an applicant’s motivation, professional goals and specific interests within the profession.

Applicants may choose to include additional information in the essay that addresses (a) GRE scores, (b) past performance in school, (c) returning to school after being out of the work force for a number of years, (d) applicable continuing education, or (d) any other circumstances (including volunteer work, related health and/or educational experience, etc.) that applicants view as important for the Admissions Committee’s consideration.  Inclusion of this type of information is entirely voluntary and is left to the discretion of the applicant.