Leveler Track

Anna Sosa

Why the Full-time Leveler Track?

If your bachelor’s degree is not in Speech-Language Pathology, you need to take a few extra courses to be prepared for your graduate coursework.

In this full-time, year-round track, you’ll take 87 credits (21 “leveler” credits and 66 graduate) two and a half years and leave prepared to enter the job market.


You are eligible for the leveler track if:

  1. You have a bachelor’s degree.
  2. As required by ASHA (Std. IV-A), you have at least one 3-credit course in each of the following areas:
    • Biological Sciences (human or animal sciences for Biology majors, e.g., biology, human anatomy & physiology, neuroanatomy, neurophysiology, human genetics, and veterinary science). The introductory course for Biology majors (BIO 181 in Arizona universities) will meet this requirement.  Lab not required.
    • Physical Sciences (physics or chemistry). No longer allowed: Astronomy, archaeology, forestry, geology, earth and environmental science.
    • Social/Behavioral Sciences (psychology, sociology, anthropology or public health).
    • Statistics (course with “statistics in the title”). Not allowed: Research methodology.

Course Offerings

For more information about the courses you will be taking and when, see our Full-time Leveler Course Sequence.

One way to get information about a course is to follow this link and then scroll to the chart under the heading “Clinical Speech-Language Pathology, Master of Science”: Course details are contained in the Details tab.

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