Letters of Recommendation

Three letters of reference

Three letters of reference must be electronically submitted to CSDCAS. Refer to the CSDCAS application instructions for submission details.

References related to academic performance are preferred.  For someone who has not been in an academic setting for a while, references may also be from a non-academic professional who can speak to your qualities as an employee. The relationship between you and the individual writing the letter of reference should be business rather than personal.  References should indicate the applicant’s promise as a successful professional in the field of speech-language pathology, as well as characteristics such as dependability,  initiative, persistence, setting goals and working toward them, personal integrity, etc.

Many applicants ask four individuals to write letters in order to ensure that at least three letters are received by CSDCAS. However, the committee only reads the first three letters received.

Please refer to the FAQ’s and Instructions found under HELP on the CSDCAS home page at https://portal.csdcas.org/