Academy of Distinguished Alumni

The Academy of Distinguished Alumni honors the college’s finest graduates.

The college recognizes that 54 of its alumni have been honored with the University Centennial Award and will grandfather each of these individuals into the Academy of Distinguished Alumni. Each of these alumni will have their names engraved onto the CEFNS Academy of Distinguished Alumni Plaque, to be located in the Dean's office.

Our distinguished alumni

View a list of our current Distinguished Alumni.

1935Dr. Elbert D. Brooks 1998Physical Science
1962Dr. Peter H. Wiebe 2008Biology/Zoology
1965Dr. Steven W. Carothers1996Biology
1965Mr. Jim L. Matson1996School of Forestry
1965Dr. Jo Anne Vasquez 1996Biology
1966Mr. John R. Kirkpatrick1999School of Forestry
1966Dr. James E. Summerton1999Chemistry
1968Mr. Albert J. Hugo-Martinez1996Electrical Engineering
1969Mr. Joe A. Albo1996Biology
1969Dr. Joseph M. Boyce1997Geology
1969Mr. James F. Reynolds1996Biology
1970Dr. Gary A. Batsell 1997Chemistry
1970Dr. Donald E. Jennings1996Physics
1971Mrs. Sharon A. Baca 1997Mathematics
1971Dr. Karen E. Steinbronn 2001Biology
1972Mr. William B. Mancini2000Engineering
1973Mr. William C. Bruchman1996Mechanical Engineering
1973Mr. Roger W. Clark 1997School of Forestry
1973Dr. Diana J. Gabaldon1998Biology
1973Dr. Charles F. Kluth 2001Geology
1974Dr. O.J. Reichman 1996Biology
1974Ms. Christine E. Turner 2000Geology
1974Dr. Mickey S. Urdea1996Biology
1975Dr. Grover D. Owens1998Chemistry
1975Dr. Ray F. Stewart1996Chemistry
1975Ms. Barbara L. Weiland1997Biology
1976Mr. Rick D. Cables 1999School of Forestry
1976Mr. William B. Carroll1997Civil Engineering
1976Dr. Julie K. Gorte1998Forestry
1976Mr. John V. Molenar 2000Physics
1976Mr. Daniel W. Nagala1996Computer Science & Eng
1976Mr. Richard D. Turley1998Civil Engineering
1976Mr. Gregory L. Van Buskirk1999Civil Engineering
1977Dr. Michael P. Meredith 2000Mathematics
1978Dr. Paul C. Begovac 1999Biology
1978Dr. Michael G. Ryan1996School of Forestry
1979Ms. Virginia L. Korte 2008Biology
1979Mrs. Kristy C. Krahl1997School of Forestry
1979Mr. Stephen W. Morrall1999Chemistry
1980Mr. Gary L. Bishop 2008Physics/Mathematics
1980Mr. Greg W. Bruening1997Computer Science & Eng
1980Mr. Hedayat E. Daie 1999Electrical Engineering
1980Mr. Thomas T. Mounts, II 1999Civil Engineering
1981Ms. Cheryl A. McMillen 1999Mechanical Engineering
1982Ms. Paula M. Bertino1998Environmental Sciences
1982Mr. Glenn B. Ingram1998Mechanical Engineering
1982Dr. Joseph K. Scharrer1997Mechanical Engineering
1984Mr. Larry E. Tyler2001Electrical Engineering
1985Mrs. Veronica A. Carlson 1997Mathematics
1985Mr. Russell G. Gilbert1998Industrial Supervision
1988Mr. Robert J. Brown1998Industrial Supervision
1989Ms. Lisa L. Bagwell 2000Electrical Engineering
1990Mr. Joey M. Martinez1999Industrial Supervision
1992Mrs. Catherine O. Taylor1997Physical Science


 View the 2008 Ceremony Distinguished Alumni PowerPoint.


Nominations will be considered, based on a combination of any of the following criteria:

  • demonstrated outstanding achievement and leadership on a community, state, national, or international level
  • distinction in their chosen fields or professions
  • significant contributions of time and/or philanthropy to the university or their community

If you wish to nominate an alumnus/a, please complete the nomination form and attach any supporting materials, such as:

  • a resume
  • list of the most outstanding contributions to career and community made by the nominee
  • a biography or list of biographical sources
  • letter of support
  • newspaper clippings
  • lists of prior awards
  • publications,

Return your nominations to:

Northern Arizona University
Office of the Dean, College of Engineering, Forestry, and Natural Sciences
PO Box 5621
Flagstaff, AZ 86011


All nominations will be reviewed by the Leadership Council and confirmation of finalists will be made at the annual spring Leadership Council meeting. Notifications of confirmation will be sent from the Dean to the confirmed nominees.


Each new nominee will:

  • be honored at the annual alumni award dinner/ceremony held on the Friday of Homecoming Weekend
  • have their names engraved onto the CEFNS Academy of Distinguished Alumni Plaque