Career Services

Welcome to Career Services for the Climate Science and Solutions Professional Science Master's Program.

Career Advising

One of the unique benefits of the CSS Program is out ability to work one-on-one with CSS students to identify and meet their career goals. Successful professionals understand how to use career and professional development skills such as:

  • Writing an effective resume
  • Developing an online career profile
  • Networking and building a professional network
  • Researching prospective employers and job opportunities
  • Building on personal strengths to develop effective career goals
  • Understanding your own communication style and its strengths and weaknesses
  • Speaking to those factors that matter most to prospective employers

The CSS Program provides in-class development support in building professional competencies supplemented with one-on-one assistance to help students and graduates enhance their professional skills and discover a fulfilling career.

The Professional Development Coordinator helps you to identify and secure a professional internship as required of the CSS program.

Students in the CSS program have multiple opportunities to work with leaders in the private, non-profit and governmental sectors that incorporate climate science. These industry professionals advise the program and help students to identify a career path that fits their unique strengths.

CSS Alumni continue to benefit from the career services through assistance in reviewing their professional portfolios and application materials.

To take advantage of these services, please contact:

Heather Aaron

(928) 523-1052