Seminar Schedule Fall 2017

Date InstitutionTitle
9/8Sean SimpsonSandia National LabIn-Situ Anode Heating and Plasma Glow Discharge Cleaning and Its Effects on Atomic Constituents in the AK Gap in Self-Magnetic Pinch (SMP) Experiments
9/22Dr. Todd KennedyW. L. GoreToxicology: The Science of Poisons and a Whole Lot More
10/6Prof. Gerrick LindbergNAUGonna fold, fold, fold, fold, fold the protein
10/13Jen MartinezLos Alamos National LabThe chemistry of genetically encoded functional materials 
10/20William LoomisTucson Police Department Crime LaboratoryForensic Toxicology: Alcohol, Drugs & Human Performance


11/3Jeremy JohnsonBYUCan you hear the shape of the interatomic potential energy surface? High-field THz spectroscopy of crystalline systems
11/10Veterans' Day  
11/17Current Research StudentsNAUResearch in Chemistry: Opportunities and Student Experiences


Prof. Cindy BrowderNAU 




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