Holiday Ornaments

All proceeds go to support the NAU Centennial Forest Environmental Education Scholarship Fund.

"Tree Cookie" holiday ornaments are now for sale from the NAU Centennial Forest. The ornaments are created from small diameter trees that have been thinned from the forest surrounding Flagstaff to reduce the risk of wildfire and increase forest health. Instead of piling and burning these small trees, we brought them into the shop and turned them into beautiful holiday ornaments.

After the trees are cut in the forest, they are left to dry for a year, then they are sliced into "cookies", sanded and decorated. We use a variety of methods to decorate the cookies including burning, painting, stamping and appliqué. After the cookies are decorated we add a lanyard and then they are ready to hang on your holiday tree.

Custom ornaments are available with the picture or logo of your choosing. We can also add names and dates or embellishments such a frame, glitter or jewels to create the ornament you are looking for.



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