Professional Development Learning Opportunities

Our professional development team works to continually design and offer a variety of programs that support teachers in delivering research-based, high quality, and rigorous science instruction. 


Developing Project Based Instructional Units

Discover more about our free, self paced, open, online course: Developing Project Based Instructional Units Utilizing ArcGIS Online.



Designed to facilitate the development of career and educational pathways in geospatial technologies (GST). In order to develop and educate a highly diverse workforce which will be successful in careers that utilize GST, STEM teaching and learning approaches need to be supported among educators at both secondary and post-secondary institutions. These approaches will serve to support the development of STEM skills among students. Read about Why GST is a good tool for teaching these skills on the program webpages.

Specifically, this goal will be accomplished by:

  • working closely with geospatial information technology (GST) educators and professionals to develop (and seek to offer) internships, service learning opportunities, and/or dual enrollment courses, thereby establishing education pathways from secondary schools to two year colleges and universities
  • providing sustained professional development for educators including high school, community college, and university faculty in both pedagogy and GST skills
  • increasing students’ 21st century workforce and GST skills through the integration of technology and project-based learning in new and existing courses
  • increasing awareness of careers in the GST industry and participation in courses that prepare students for career success



For more information about workshops and institutes or to ask about modifying them to address your school or district needs, please contact:

Joëlle Clark

Associate Director of Professional Development Programs
Phone: 928-523-8797
Bldg. 36, Rm. 546