Customized professional development

Pre-packaged workshops aren’t always the right fit for your teachers’ professional growth needs in science instruction.

Our sustained and coordinated support can assist you in giving your teachers the professional development they require.

If you and your teachers want to learn about inquiry-based science instructional strategies and/or effective curriculum materials and resources, let our expertise guide you.

About the programs

  • Multi-day, full-day, or half-day programs are available to meet your specific needs.
  • We can accommodate up to 50 participants.

For example…

These are examples of workshops we have offered in the past. We’re happy to address other topics for your unique issues.

 How to support science instruction in your school

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What makes science instruction engaging and effective? How can science instruction improve reading and writing?

Using Ready, Set, Science! Putting Research to Work in K-8 Science Classrooms as a resource, learn how to support your teachers and how to identify strong science instruction.

 Using inquiry to teach science

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 Find out:

  • what research actually says about the use of inquiry in science instruction
  • how to develop inquiry lessons
  • how inquiry impacts student learning

 Formative Assessment Classroom Techniques (FACTs)

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Learn about effective formative assessment techniques to use in any classroom. Multiple strategies will be presented and discussed within the context of inquiry-embedded science instruction.

 Using science notebooks

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Can you increase both science conceptual understanding and literacy skills at the same time? Research indicates using science notebooks will do just that. Learn how in our workshop.

Making change for school improvement–“The Change Game”

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Are you concerned with promoting change and improvement in your school but are often thwarted in your efforts to introduce new programs? Do you wonder why new programs start with a bang and then die?

Making Change for School Improvement, a simulation developed for educators by The Network, models—in a game setting—how to manage organizational change in education settings.

Players try out real life strategies for changing policies and practices in a fictional school district, complete with central administration, school staff, and community members.

Working as a team, players assume the role of the change committee, conducting various activities to influence the people on the game board to move towards best practice instruction.

Guiding science curriculum decisions

If your school or district is planning to revise your science curriculum in order to align with the Arizona Standard for Science, you might consider using committee meetings as professional development opportunities.

This series of multiple-session programs can be offered as stand-alone, mixed-and-matched, or as a complete set depending on your school/district needs.

Focus A: Creating a shared vision for inquiry-based science

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In this longer-term partnership, we will work with your science curriculum committee to develop:

  • a vision for inquiry-based science instruction
  • the action steps needed to realize this vision in classrooms 

Committee members engage in:

  • learning how to promote learners’ conceptual understanding in science by identifying sets of core ideas
  • sequencing these core ideas into appropriate learning progressions
  • aligning them to standards

Focus B: Assessing school/district science instructional needs

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You’ll learn how to:

  • assess the status of science instructional practices
  • analyze your school/district data to identify programmatic strengths and weaknesses

This data informs decisions about science:

  • programs
  • materials
  • resources
  • professional development planning

We’ll guide you in reviewing and analyzing your school data and considering the implications. In the end, you’ll develop recommendations for improving science instruction based on your school’s identified needs.

Focus C: Guiding science instructional materials selection

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You’ll develop a shared vision of exemplary science instruction based on a variety of models:

  • identify criteria for curriculum selection
  • conduct in-depth analyses of exemplary science curriculum programs
  • use the data in determining which programs for teachers to pilot in classrooms

We’ll guide your teachers through an in-depth analysis of collected data. With our assistance, you’ll design plans to support new science materials implementation and on-going professional development.

 Focus D: Implementing a new science curriculum program 

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Have you ever gone through the process of carefully choosing a new subject area curriculum and then find it was not used in most classrooms? Avoid that problem by carefully designing ongoing professional development support for implementation for your teachers.

We’ll help you design and implement ongoing classroom support for the implementation of your district’s new curriculum program. The workshop can help your teachers:

  • learn about the new program in a workshop setting
  • gain experience through our staff’s demonstration or co-teaching of the new materials

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