Facetime November 2013 - 2010s

Photographer Nathaniel Kastelic, ’10 BS, created 11th Loop Graphic Textile Design with his brother Benjamin.  The business focuses on designs and photography printed on environmentally-friendly and sustainably-sourced textiles.  As  a photojournalist for the Prescott’s The Daily Courier, Nathaniel won the Best Photographer for Western Newspapers Award.  He also won the Black Mountain Photo Contest in Cave Creek, Ariz. His website contains more of his acclaimed work. 

Engineering graduate Marilla Lamb, ’11 BSE, was featured in an article by ABC15.com for her work developing a bicycle generator  which could power devices such as a blender, as well as charge cell phones. The idea was to tangibly demonstrate energy to school kids 

Dylan Patterson, ’11 BS, is vice principal of Kalamazoo Central High School of Kalamazoo, Mich, after being approved by the Public Schools Board. Dylan most recently served as dean of students for Tres Rios Elementary School of Tolleson, Ariz. The Michigan native has also instructed science and physical education. 

Dr. Katie Pierce, ’11 DPT

Dr. Katie Pierce, ’11 DPT, is engaged to current graduate student David McCain. Katie works for Core Balance Physical Therapy in Flagstaff. 

Chloe Hudson, ’12 BSED, 

International teacher Chloe Hudson, ’12 BSED, completed her first year instructing English as a second language in Abu Dhabi. From her home base in the United Arab Emirates, Chloe has launched off to travel to London, Paris and Beijing. This lucky globetrotter also spent five additional weeks traveling through Europe before returning to begin her second year of teaching.

Weston “Mana” Purdy, ’12 BS, is manager associate for the Queen Liluokalani Trust in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii. The Queen Liluokalani Trust was established to preserve and direct land use by Hawaii’s last ruling monarch. Mana specializes in land planning and conservation efforts. He previously served an internship at Kohanaiki, where he restored anchialine ponds, culturally and environmentally delicate coastal aquifers that have subterranean connections to the ocean.

Canyon Del Oro High School band director Grant Studer, ’12 BMED, enters his second year of musical instruction in Oro Valley, Ariz. He instructs guitar and band classes, and hosted a band camp for freshmen through seniors, an intensive program which covers a week of classroom work each day. “It’s a time for the students to completely immerse their brains into it and so they get time to just focus on band before homework kicks in or classes and sports,” said Studer.

Adam Nelesson, ’13 BS, completed his second internship at National Renewable Energy Laboratory’s National Wind Technology Center in Golden, Colo. He works with the Offshore Wind and Ocean Power Group, developing a computer modeling tool for wave energy research.  The goal is to accurately model the performance of wave energy devices in real-world conditions, which will help to provide alternative energy solutions. He attends Georgia Tech University, studying aerospace engineering.

Recent graduate Alex Thomas, ‘13 BS, is a short-filmmaker with a passion. He recently won the Audience Choice Award at NAU’s annual 73-Hour Film Festival. His film, entitled “Retrograde,” features the difficult decision facing a young woman who learns she has become pregnant. Having only 73 hours to complete the film from brainstorming to submission, Alex got by on very little sleep during that week. But his team’s hard work has paid off, and the film will be screened in February at the Sedona Film Festival next February.