Facetime November 2013

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Alumni Class Notes

Only At NAU

Fall is one of our favorite times of year here in Lumberjack Country, and we bet you can still recall chilly campus mornings, with fresh pine scent filling the air. Or admiring the stunning, shifting colors of aspen leaves on an afternoon stroll to class. Do you remember looking to the peaks on the first day of snow, or waking to discover ice crystals had formed on your dorm room window during the night?

Despite passage of time and distances journeyed from Flagstaff, our alumni continue to remind us of their connection to NAU, and these recollections serve to unite unique generations of Lumberjacks. Whether it was mentorship received from an influential faculty member, or a rush of inspiration grasped with an exclamation of “Aha!” during a lecture, there are life-altering moments that forever transformed perceptions and possibilities. Even today, students are sharing these same experiences, embarking on a path that is individually unique, yet somehow familiar to those who have come before. We call these shared experiences Only At NAU moments, because they couldn’t have happened anywhere else         .  

NAU Campaign

The Campaign for NAU

On October 18, the university officially launched the public phase of a $100 million fundraising campaign – a campaign which has quietly raised about $54 million since 2009. Northern Arizona University has committed to this endeavor in order to ensure that the traditions of more than 100 years will be preserved for future generations.  These are traditions that have defined the identity of our institution, such as personalized relationships with faculty, access to affordable education and opportunities for academic and professional success. As a student-centered institution, the priorities of this campaign are to grow scholarships and programs that promote student success, support and invest in faculty excellence, strengthen research opportunities and enhance the athletics program and support of student athletes.

A critical first step of this undertaking comes in raising awareness of the impact that NAU has had and continues to have on student success. We are therefore calling on you, as alumni and lifelong Lumberjacks, to share your stories with us. Please submit your Only At NAU moments and tell us how your time at the university made a difference in your life.


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Gold Axe Awards

Congrats once again to all of our Gold Axe, President's Prize, and Distinguished Senior Award Winners, who were recently honored in Ashurst Auditorium. View and download all the photos on our Gold Axe Awards Flickr Album.

Homecoming 2013

Thanks to the alumni, friends and family that made it back to Flagstaff to celebrate the 89th Annual Homecoming. If you missed out, you can view the weekend highlights on our Flickr Page.

Stayson Isobe Image

Alumni-Employee Spotlight

Stayson Isobe, '11 BSED & '13 MED Assistant Director for Athletics Communications

How long have you worked at NAU?

This is my third year as an employee of NAU, but first as a full-time employee. I spent the previous two years as a Media Relations Graduate Assistant in the Athletic Department. In my position I served as the primary media contact for the soccer and men’s and women’s tennis programs while also assisting with game day operations and secondary media responsibilities for all of our NCAA Division I teams. After graduating with my master’s degree in May, I started in my current position as the Assistant Director for Athletics Communications in August.  I now currently work with the volleyball, swimming & diving and women’s basketball programs and handle all of their day-to-day media coverage both through our athletics website as well as social media outlets while continuing to assist with our other sports teams.

What is your favorite memory of NAU?

There have been a lot of great memories from the friends I met from around the country as well as the world during my time as a student to the relationships I’ve established with all of the employees, coaches and student-athletes of the Athletic Department. I also owe a lot to NAU for playing a pivotal role in my growth as an individual in all facets of life as I now enter my seventh year in Flagstaff away from my home in Hawaii. But my favorite memories are sports-related and I have two of them specifically. The first was during my final semester as an undergraduate and witnessing the NAU men’s basketball team overcome a 16-point deficit with 10 minutes left in the game to defeat Montana State in the Big Sky quarterfinals was incredible. The atmosphere in the Rolle was electric and something I’ll never forget. The second was just a few months ago when the football team beat Montana on Family Weekend. As an employee of the Athletic Department, to see everyone’s hard work pay off to sell out the Skydome, we got nearly 13,000 fans into the Dome for the first sellout since 1995 and it showed what this university and community is capable of at a sporting event. Plus we beat the Griz!

What is your favorite part of working at your alma mater?

My favorite part of working for NAU is that I’ve been able to start my professional career at a place that means everything to me. I have two degrees from this university and I love Flagstaff. Plus being a sports fan my entire life, there is no better job for me at the moment. Every day I get to work in and around athletics and root for our NAU Lumberjacks. Our department is taking on the challenge of bringing NAU to the national spotlight and it feels great to know that I’m making a small impact on that. This university and this athletic department has the potential to do amazing things and it’s beginning to show. Working with the coaches and student-athletes of my specific teams is a privilege and I consider myself to be so blessed to have this current opportunity at Northern Arizona University.