Facetime March 2014

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Alumni Class Notes

Lumberjack Career Professionals

Lumberjacks are out there, and they're moving up to high places in the professional world. With more than 138,000 alumni, the NAU network is stronger than ever before. Are you looking to make the next big move, or rub shoulders with experts in your field? The NAU Alumni Association Linkedin Page is a great place to start.

Also, if you list Northern Arizona University in your profile's education history, you can use Linkedin's Alumni Finder to strategically locate alumni in different georgraphy areas, career fields or even specific companies. It's a great way to meet fellow professionals, and could potentially help you get a leg up on the competition. As your Alumni Team, we're always looking for ways to help you stay connected and be as successful as possible, so if you've got any ideas or suggestions, drop us a line at alumni@nau.edu. We hope you enjoy this edition of Facetime Class Notes.

Alumni-Employee Spotlight

Kegan Remington crop

Kegan Remington, '13 MED

IT Training Specialist

How long have you worked at NAU?  

I have worked at NAU for a little less than a year, but have been working for public universities in Arizona since 2006. As an undergraduate business student and student worker, I became acutely aware of the inner workings of the university, and a passion for improving education soon emerged. I began my trek with the Applied Learning Technologies Institute, conducting research in how emerging technologies could be utilized across elementary, secondary, and post-secondary learning environments to enhance different classroom styles. We used this data to design immersive learning experiences for Arizona’s diverse student populations. At NAU, I am leveraging that experience, and knowledge gained from the College of Education, to continue designing innovative learning experiences for NAU’s staff, faculty, and students.

What is your favorite memory of NAU? 

As a graduate of an NAU online degree program, I did not always have a traditional “college experience.” My arrival at NAU as an employee and my subsequent graduation from the College of Education opened my eyes to the diversity and culture present at NAU. My favorite moment, like many graduating students I am sure, was my commencement ceremony. Even though I had never met my peers in person, it felt like we had known each other for years; a homecoming if you will. It was also invigorating to watch so many young adults excited to tackle the next chapter of their lives. As an employee, I look forward to experiencing these jumping off moments for our students for years to come!

What is your favorite part of working at your alma mater? 

Growing up in Flagstaff, I was always in awe of my surroundings; from the snow-capped peaks and the endless national forest, to the laid back attitude and the overall friendliness of the community. NAU, of course, was always a cornerstone of that community feel. Moving back to Flagstaff to be a part of the NAU family is a dream come true. Not only have I been re-immersed in the community from my childhood memories, but I now have the opportunity to take part in NAU’s core mission and play a distinct role in the post-secondary education system in Northern Arizona.

Who was your favorite professor as a student? 

In an online program, you do not always have an opportunity to connect with your professors on a personal level. Two professors in the College of Education, however, routinely went out of their way to connect with me beyond the confines of the classroom. Dr. Chih-Hsiung Tu and Dr. Cynthia Conn were not only exemplary professors, but their passion for the field of Educational Technology and their willingness to mentor each and every student who walk through their digital classrooms were truly inspiring. They were able to turn my traditional understanding of an online classroom on its head, and opened my eyes to new ways of interacting with students in a 21st century learning environment. And for that, I am indescribably grateful.