FACETIME AUGUST 2013 - 2000s

Lydia Kennedy, ’00 MED

Photo Credit: Randy Metcalf/The Explorer

Lydia Kennedy, ’00 MED (photo above), owns ReActivate New and Used Activewear, which sells new and very lightly used sports apparel. Offering cash for trade-ins, Lydia helps customers save money on athletic clothing and shoes, and also donates clothing items to charities. Since 2011, the business has helped donate more than 4,100 articles of clothing with an estimated value of $18,000 to local children and adults. 

Mary Jackson, ’01 MS

Photo Credit: Aaron Fiedler Photo

The Lunch Buddy Backpacks and Mentoring Program of Astoria, Wash., welcomes Mary Jackson, ’01 MS (pictured above), as executive director. Her interest in the position came out of her belief in the ability of mentoring to act as a prevention tool for children. “If you look at what we call ‘protective factors,’ the more individuals a youth has in their life that show care and concern for them, the better it is for them,” Mary said. “(With a) positive teacher, a parent, a positive mentor, you’re setting a child up.” Mary was formerly a junior counselor at the Clatsop County Juvenile Department.

John Westerlund, ’01 PHD, serves on the 2013 National Park Service/U.S. Forest Service Interpretive Partnership, which is hosting an “Ask a Ranger” column via the Arizona Daily Sun. The program is designed to foster and cultivate an appreciation for nature, as well as educate the public. Alumna Lois Hirst, ’85 EDD, is also a member of the partnership.

Karen Weaver, ’01 MED, has joined Raskob Kambourian Financial Advisors as financial planner and registered tax return preparer. Previously she worked for the University of Arizona as an academic advisor and student services coordinator.

Chad Arneson, ’03 BAILS

Photo Credit: Paul Wellmen

Chad Arneson, ’03 BAILS (above in middle), was featured in the Santa Barbara Independent for another successful season coaching boys volleyball for the Santa Barbara High Dons. For the past nine years, the Dons have held the Channel League championship, and last year Chad earned the 2012 Boys Volleyball Coach of the Year Award. The success of the Dons hits close to home for Chad, who was a four-year player for the team as a student. 

Ernestina Estrada, ’03 BS & ’12 BS

Ernestina Estrada, ’03 BS & ’12 BS (above center), celebrated Commencement from the Flagstaff campus at the same time her sons Fabian (left) and Fernando Jr. (right) earned their respective degrees from Yuma Catholic High School and ASU. The proud mother studied speech language pathology and hopes to eventually earn her master’s in the future.

Author Destiny Jennifer Ringgold, ’03 BAILS, has released a new novel, The New Cadet: A Young Woman’s Journey in a Man’s World. The story centers on Alicia’s journey through the College of Armed Forces, and the rigorous challenges she faces throughout her schooling. She finds hope in Cathleen, who empowers her through education and friendship. Destiny’s writing carries influence from her training at the Virginia Military Institute.  

Aimée Classen,  ’04 PHD

Aimée Classen, ’04 PHD (photo above), was featured in the Metro Pulse of Knoxville, Tenn., for her work as associate professor of ecosystems ecology at the University of Tennessee, as well as an associate editor of Ecological Monograph, an academic journal. Originally a middle school biology teacher, she transitioned to conservation and evolutionary biology lab work, which led her to NAU. Now Aimée researches the impact climate change is having on ecosystems. 

Andy Surber, ’04 MED

Laguna Blanca School is pleased to announce that Andy Surber, ’04 MED (above picture), has joined as the head of the lower school. He joins Laguna Blanca from Grace-St. Luke’s Episcopal School in Memphis, Tenn., where he held the position of head of lower school for four years. 

Indigo Incite

Indigo Incite by author Jacinda Buchmann

Jacinda Buchmann, ’06 MED, has authored a young adult ebook, entitled Indigo Incite, which is the first book of the Indigo Trilogy. Five teenage strangers with psychic abilities must band together to rescue a sixth who has been kidnapped by a clandestine government agency. Will a common bond of extra-sensory abilities be enough to unite this unlikely group? 

Beverly Demaline, ’06 MED, received the 2013 George Fridell Excellence in Teaching Award from Central Arizona College. She is a full-time mathematics professor as well as academic assessment coordinator for the university. Beverly began her teaching career through a summer program at NAU, and then continued to earn her master’s and teaching certificate as well.

AMR Management Services has selected Dustin McKissen, ’06 MADM, as executive director of the National Christmas Tree Association and Christmas Spirit Foundation in Chesterfield, Mo. Previously, Dustin founded Lookup!, a non-profit which supplied children from challenging environments with comic books.  

Emily Wilkinson, ’06 BS & BA

Emily Wilkinson, ’06 BS & BA (photo above), is married to João Paulo Pereira. The couple lives in Santa Rosa, Calif.

Ryan Bye, ’07 BS

Ryan Bye, ’07 BS (above on left), wrote us an update. He shares,  “This past May I graduated with my M.Ed in Higher Education Administration and have started a job in the Residence Halls as a Residence Life Coordinator at Valparaiso University in the Chicago area. I truly have my experiences at NAU to thank for the career path I have chosen!”

Julia Jensen(Manzone) Jensen, ’07 BSW

Photo Credit: Joe Crocetta

Foster-care social worker Julia (Manzone) Jensen, ’07 BSW (photo above), was honored with the distinction of the Social Worker of the Year Award for Washington County .  In her role, she works foster care cases, and helps children transition to adopted families or reintegration with their parents. “I really enjoy foster care. I see it as the more hopeful side of child abuse. There’s hope for change in the family,” she said.

Mark Pierz, ’07 BS, based at St. Mary’s Church in Lee, Mass., was ordained as a Catholic priest. As one of five deacons who prepared through the Springfield diocese, Mark is a native of Austria and studied Hotel and Restaurant Management at NAU. He plans to return to Rome to continue advanced studies and is proficient in several languages.   

Ukpeagvik Iñupiat Corp has selected Cathy Frost, ’08 MADM, as corporate HSET program manager. She will oversee the administration of the organization’s health, safety and environment training programs. Cathy brings more than 14 years of experience in her field.

William Warren, ’08 MED

William Warren, ’08 MED (photo above), has been appointed as the new director of the Arizona Division of Occupational Safety and Health (ADOSH). He will oversee the administration of the state’s safety and health program, as well as supervise the compliance and consultation programs. Warren formerly served as risk manager for Coconino County.

Reverend Andrew Shepherd, ’09 BS, authored  a guest post for the “Irreverin” column of Pathos, a faith-based online newsletter promoting Progressive Christianity. The guest post explored the purpose of church congregations in the role of society today.  

Grapeline Wine Tours has selected Roxan (Steel) Kragten, ’08 BS, for the newly-created management position focusing on marketing and public affairs. Prior to her current role, Roxan was owner and operator of Paso Weddings, a business which worked closely with Paso Robles wineries coordinating weddings for guests.

Sam Granillo, ’09 MED, is principal of the newly-established Cambridge Preperatory Academy, located in Arizona City, Ariz. The performance-based K-12 school is tuition free and offers small class sizes for individualized education and attention. A bilingual instructor, Sam possesses a background in mathematics and expects to receive his master’s in educational leadership in December,