Frequently Asked Questions

What is NAU's federal ID number?
All NAU identification numbers can be found in the Comptroller policy manual under policy CMP 121.
Is the University tax exempt?
NAU is not tax exempt, refer to Comptroller policy CMP 121, however some items are exempt from sales and use tax, refer to Comptroller policy CMP 120.
How much tax does the University pay?
The University pays state and local taxes. If a vendor is out of state and does not have an Arizona sales tax license, the University pays a use tax of 6.6%.
I just wrote a PD to the system and realized the vendor number is incorrect; may I change the vendor number after the PD is written?
Once the document is written, the vendor field cannot be changed. The original document will need to be canceled and a new document generated.
I need to reimburse a faculty or staff individual for the purchase of goods, what do I do?
Process a GAE in the Advantage Financial system using the employee ID as the vendor number and send a copy of the receipt referencing the GAE to Accounts Payable.
Can an employee be reimbursed for travel using a GAE document?
No, employee travel must be processed in the Advantage Financial system through a travel document.
Does Accounts Payable need PCard invoices?
No. If Accounts Payable receives an invoice that the department paid with a purchasing card, Accounts Payable will send the invoice to the department.