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  • Compassion Project 225
    Compassion Project 225

    2015 Living Compassion Conference

    This year’s Living Compassion Project features presentations related to mindfulness and compassion. The conference will take place on Friday, March 27, 2015 at the DuBois Ballroom. Psychological scientists, Dr. Kirk Warren Brown and Mr. Daniel Berry, PhD candidate, will present “Compassion in a State of Present-Centered Awareness: How Mindfulness Catalyzes Sensitivity toward Others” from 10:10 to 11:10 am. Other presentations will also be of interest!  The program begins at 8:30 am and continue through the afternoon.  See the SBS Compassion Project website for more detail

  • Tony and Dana 225px
    Tony and Dana 225px

    Kudos to Department Faculty

    Notable: NAU faculty member Dr. Dana Donohue and her colleagues (Juan Bornan & Mats Granlund) won the Australasian Society for Intellectual Disability (ASID) Research to Practice 2014 International Research Prize for their paper titled “Examining the rights of children with intellectual disability in South Africa: Chidren’s perspectives.”  Dr. Donohue’s paper was published in the Journal of Intellectual and Development Disability (Vol. 39, No. 1).  This paper was judged to the “the most outstanding contributions among all papers published in JIDD throughout 2014.”

    NAU faculty member Dr. Tony Barnhart has recently published (with colleague S.D. Goldinger) “Blinded by magic: Eye-movements reveal the misdirection of attention” in the Journal Frontiers in Psychology (Volume 5) doi: 10.3389/fpsyg.2014.01461.

  • Blue Mosque
    Blue Mosque

    Study Abroad Summer 2015 in Istanbul, Turkey

    Join Dr. Chad Woodruff for this unique three-week course, The Social Neuroscience of East-Meets-West, in Istanbul, Turkey (May 26-June 15). The course explores the relationship between brain states and social contexts while embedded in a region of the world where Middle Eastern and European cultures simultaneously blend and yet maintain their identities. Earn 3 NAU credits for PSY 490c: Capstone in Psychological Sciences. For more information EDABROAD.NAU.EDU.

  • Nicole Bies Hernandez 225x150
    Nicole Bies Hernandez 225x150

    Dr. Bies-Hernandez's Research Acknowledged with Award

    Dr. Nicole Bies-Hernandez's research on teaching effectiveness was recently acknowledged at the National Institute of the Teaching of Psychology in January 2015.  Dr. Bies-Hernandez and her coauthors Kris Gunawan & David Copeland were was awarded the The Frank Costin Memorial Award for Excellence given for the poster judged to be most outstanding in terms of contributing to excellence in teaching psychology. The title of the poster was “Teaching Practices that Predict Performance in Undergraduate Psychology Courses.” The purpose of their study was to explore which of the practices are the best predictors of students’ grade performance and learning in large (i.e., 200- or 400-person) sections of an introductory psychology course. For details, see the poster.

  • Tidikis and Donohue
    Tidikis and Donohue

    Drs. Tidikis and Donohue Team Up for International Research & Teaching Award

    Drs. Viktoria Tidikis and Dana Donohue were award an NAU Global and Interdisciplinary Research and Teaching Fund Award for their innovative proposal regarding creativity and intelligence.  Their work will bring together NAU (Flagstaff), St. Petersburg University (Russia), Arts Academy (Lithuania), International College of Business (Lithuania), and Vilnius University (Lithuania) in a cross-cultural study of perceptions and understandings of what constitutes creativity. Using measures of creativity and intelligence, Drs. Tidikis and Donohue will examine the cognitive processes believed to underlie creativity and intelligence and examine potential cross-cultural differences.

  • Russel_Dunn_Collier

    Graduate Students Participate in Cross-Cultural Training Experience in Republic of Palau

    Graduate students Amanda Dunn & Samantha Russell (pictured with Dr. Ann Collier) travelled to the Republic of Palau in January. There, they were part of a team headed by Dr. Collier to train health professionals from Palau's Ministry of Health to deliver an small changes wellness program. This project is part of Dr. Collier's Faculty Grant Program (FGP) titled:  Developing a Culturally-Sensitive Obesity Intervention for Pacific Island Families Using a Community-Based Participatory Research Paradigm" under the FY2015 FGP. Ms. Dunn and Ms. Russell are second year graduate students who will be pursuing Ph.D. degrees in areas related to health psychology following graduation from our program.