Miscellaneous Information


Outgoing Mail

If you want to mail a letter to an off campus location to anywhere in the US we have slots located at both facilities for this purpose.

Outgoing mail slots are located in the Contract Station in the North Mail Facility and underneath the Package Window in the South Mail Facility (du Bois Conference Center).

These mail slots deliver mail to the US Post Office Monday - Friday Only.
Please see delivery schedule posted at each facility for  pick-up and delivery information.

There are also USPS Blue Mail Boxes located outside the main entrance to the NAU Bookstore for after-hour drop-off and Saturday pick-up.
Please see the schedules posted on the boxes for  pick-up and delivery information.

Note: Remember all off-campus mail requires correct postage.

Attention: Due to federal security regulations and U.S. export laws, DO NOT DEPOSIT the following items in a collection box:


  • Any mailpiece that bears postage stamps and weighs more than 13 ounces.
  • Any mailpiece with a customs declaration form that was not completed and submitted online.
  • Any mailpiece that requires a customs declaration form and bears postage stamps.
You must present these items for shipment to a USPS employee at a retail service counter at a Post Office location.
Note: Failure to comply may result in the return of your mailpiece.
Keep the Mail Safe! Do not mail prohibited dangerous goods or hazardous materials.


Information Center

There are student information boards located at both North and South Mail Facilities.

The following information is posted: 

  • Information regarding NAU Postal Services Policies and Procedures

Mis-boxed Mail

Please put mail which has been mis-boxed into the appropriate slot located underneath the Combo/Info window at both North and South Mail Facilities or bring mis-boxed mail to our front counter.

Note:Remember you share a box with other students so take care to only put mail which does not have your box number on it in this slot.