Mailbox Assignments

 Only students currently residing in the Residence Halls are permitted access to a PO Box. Also, we do not assign PO Boxes to students in Campus Heights, Fountaine Residence, Hilltop Townhouses, McKay Village, Pine Ridge Village, Ponderosa Apts, Roseberry Apts, South Village Apts, The Suites, etc.

PO Boxes are assigned for PERSONAL MAIL use only. Students are not allowed to operate a business from their assigned NAU PO Box. NAU Postal Services reserves the right to hold and/or return any mail that appears to be addressed to a business.

Mail tampering is a Federal offense. Perpetrators will be prosecuted.

If mail placed in your mailbox is not yours hand it to one of our mail clerk for proper treatment or place in the misboxed mail slots.

Important:  If you share a mailbox with another student and wish to be assigned to a single box, you may rent a private mailbox.