Antivirus Protection (Sophos)

Available To: Faculty, Staff, Students

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NAU Site License Information

Sophos software for Windows and Macintosh is available free of charge to eligible students, faculty, and staff of NAU via our software downloads page .


To see complete Sophos Anti-Virus documentation, please visit this Sophos support page

To Use This Service, You Will Need

Who is eligible to install and use Sophos?

NAU students, faculty, and staff are covered by NAU's site license with Sophos and may install Sophos on their personal computers free of charge. When your affiliation with NAU ends for any reason, you must uninstall Sophos.

How to Request


To download Sophos Anti-Virus please visit the software downloads site:

Installation notes

  • Our Sophos installers include a utility that will uninstall any antivirus software currently installed on your computer.
  • To improve your chances of a successful installation, you should disable Windows Defender and any other anti-spyware applications for the duration of the installation process.

Support Information

Students: contact the Student Technology Center: (928) 523-9294 or (888) 520-7215
Faculty/Staff: contact the ITS Solution Center: (928) 523-1511 

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Training & Documentation

Instructions for setting up Sophos Anti-Virus on a home or personal computer. Includes scheduling virus scans and scanning for spyware.