Tips for Faculty and Students Using Blackboard Learn

Date Created: 6/12/2013 4:15:03 PM

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Students and Instructors: When attaching files to assignment submissions, building course content, or uploading files into Bb Learn for any other reason, please follow these file naming conventions in order to avoid problems reading these files later. Naming your uploaded content in the proper form with meaningful terms will go a long way toward helping students and faculty keep communications open and clear.


  • Make sure all files have the appropriate file extension (such as "document.doc"). Don't leave the extension off.
  • Use only letters, digits, and the "_" or "-" characters to name files (plus one "." for the file extension).
  • Do not use characters like # & : ; / \ ? % $ @ in file names. For example "Lab#1.doc"is bad.
  • Avoid using spaces in file names. For example use "lab_1.doc" not "lab 1.doc"
  • For assignments uploads, if not directed otherwise by your instructor, include at a minimum your name and the name of the assignment in the file name. For example: "smith_john_assignment_2.docx"