Non-Domain Windows PC Printing to ITS Printers

Connecting to the VPN

If you are connected to an NAU-Guest or NAU-Public network, first follow these directions:
  • Connect to the NAU-Secure network.
  • Open a browser and check to make sure that you can connect to a website (, for example). If you haven't yet loaded any web pages on the University Wi-Fi, you will see the NAU Splash Page and you will need to click the button at the bottom before you will have internet access.
    Windows Printing - Wireless Networks
  • Connect to NAU's VPN. If you do not already have the NAU VPN set up, please follow the instructions here. (Your computer should say "Connected to NAU-Secure" where it shows "Connected to" in the following picture).
  • Note: You must connect to the VPN to print.
    Windows Printing - VPN
  • Log in using your student ID and password on the nau-students domain.
    Windows Printing - VPN Login

Installing the PaperCut Client

  • Open the Start Menu, and in the box that says "Search Programs and Files," type: \\
  • Note: If you are using Windows XP, select Run from the Start Menu and type the above code.
  • You will be asked to authenticate using your student ID and password.
    Windows Printing - Start Menu
For Windows 8 only: Windows 8 - Start
  • Click the Windows button on the keyboard and then type \\ Once you hit enter, it will be brought up automatically.
Windows 8 - Apps
  • Double-click on PCCLIENT and select WIN. Right-click on pc-client and select "Create Shortcut."
     Windows Printing - PC-Client
  • An alert window will pop up asking if you want to save it on your desktop. Select "Yes."
    Windows Printing - Shortcut
  • Double-click on the PCCLIENT icon on your desktop to start the application. In order to add print jobs to the queue, you need to have the application running and be logged in.
    Windows Printing - Desktop Icon
  • Click "Run."
    Windows Printing - Run
  • Use your student ID and password to log in to PaperCut. Check "Remember my identity."
    Windows Printing - PaperCut Login
  • Navigate back out of the PCClient folder (back to There should be a list of printers.
  • Select the printer you would like to print to. You will need to map this printer. This can be done by double-clicking on the printer (you only need to do this once for each print your want to print to).
    Windows Printing - Printers
  • You will be asked for your student ID and password once again by PaperCut when you attempt to print. After you log in, your document will be sent to the queue of whichever printer you are trying to print to. You can go to the release station at the lab you are printing in, log in, and print your document. Print jobs will only stay in the queue for up to two hours. They are deleted after that.
    Windows Printing - PaperCut Login Credentials
  • On the Print Release Station, you will have to log in with your student ID and password.
    Windows Printing - Print Release
  • Once you have logged in, you can either print or delete documents from the printing queue.
    Windows Printing - Print Jobs
  • You can click "Details..." on the PaperCut client on our personal computer to see your account information.
    Windows Printing - PaperCut Account Information


Training & Documentation

Information on how to release a print job to an ITS printer from a mobile device.

Directions on how to setup and print to ITS printers from non-domain Macs.