VLab Connection Instructions using Mac OSX

Connection Instructions for Mavericks

 If you don't have a Remote Desktop Client on your Mac, you will need to download and install the following client from Microsoft. 

  1. Open the finder and go to Applications. Double-click the Microsoft Remote Desktop to start a session.
    Mac Remote-Apps
  2. Click "New" in the top left-hand corner to create a new connection.
    Mac Remote-New Connection
  3. Enter "NAU Virtual Lab" for the Connection name and "vlab.nau.edu" for the PC name.
    Mac Remote-Connection Info
  4. Under Credentials, type the domain ("NAU-STUDENTS" for students, or "NAU" for faculty) followed by a forward slash and your Dana ID. Then type your password.
    Mac Remote-Credentials
  5. Close the window and double-click "NAU Virtual Lab" under My Desktops to launch a new session.
    Mac Remote-Virtual Lab
  6. Click Connect Once or Connect Always to connect to the Virtual Lab.
    Mac Remote-Connect

Connection Instructions for Older Versions

1. Open the Finder and go to Applications. From there double-click Remote Desktop Connection to begin a session.

Finder window showing the Remote Desktop Connection icon.  

2. When Remote Desktop Connection opens, you will type in the computer name vlab.nau.edu


3. Next you will need to enter your login information, as pictured below. Replace xyz123 with your UID and type your password in the correct field. In the Domain field you will type "nau-students" if you are a student and "nau" if you are faculty or staff.

Entering your credentials to log into the Virtual Lab.

4. As the VLab is running an OS prior to Windows Vista, you will see the following information if you are on Mac OS X 10.3.9 or earlier. To finish logging in, click the "Yes" button.

Error that will occur as you are not using a Windows computer.  Select 'Yes' to enter the Virtual Lab as this is an informational error only.



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