Video Conferencing Options

Video Conferencing Resources

Video Conferencing Rooms

 NAU Faculty, Departments, and employees can contact Bryan McLaren at the Office of Sustainability or 523-0656 for video conference facilities at the Applied Research and Development Building. Also, you may contact your building manager to see if video conference facilities might be available in your academic or office building.

For people that are not affiliated with NAU they can contact the High Country Conference Center.

Desktop Conferencing

 Office Communicator 

Office Communicator is a more secure instant messaging, voice and video conferencing system for Windows and Macintosh computers. Instant messages sent via Office Communicator will be contained within NAU’s secure environment.

 Live Meeting 

LiveMeeting is an online tool that allows presentations, audio and video conferences. While this tool will be made available to all NAU employees, it is limited in capability and ITS recommends requesting a consultation to help determine whether it will suit your needs.