Telephone Services for Resident Students

Answering Machines

Answering machines may be used on telephone lines in residence halls. Some answering machines will not work properly when off-campus calls are received.

Call Telephone Support at x3-7474 for help.


Call Waiting

The call waiting feature is available on all residence hall telephones.
To have call waiting added or removed, call Telephone Support at x3-7474.

Call Waiting Instructions

  1. When the second call "beeps" , press the switch hook.
  2. The word "enter" will be repeated three times.
  3. Press *4.
  4. Hold down or place the handset on the switch hook.
  5. The second call will ring in;

To alternate between calls, repeat steps 1-3


Harassing, Obscene or Threatening Calls

You should contact the NAU Police Department at x3-3611, and file a report. The Police will order a trace on your phone line if necessary.

Telephone Support can only connect a trace when ordered to do so by the Police Department. Results of the trace will only be provided to NAU Police Department officials.

The NAU Police Department has safety tips and videos on how to handle and report harassing telephone calls. Visit their site for complete information.


Long Distance Calling

All students need to use their personal cell phone, calling card or call collect for all long distance service.


Non-Published Status

You may have your address and telephone number unlisted with the University. To do so, go to Louie and log into your portfolio. When you leave the university, you should remove the unlisted status so that your information can be released.


Television Cable Repair

Call Residence Life at x3-4933.


Telephone Line Repair Procedures

Telephone line is dead or you are getting static on the line

Following are the steps to be taken if you are experiencing trouble with the telephone line in your residence hall:

  • You are responsible for obtaining new equipment if the problem is with your telephone set.
  • If you verify your telephone set is functional, call Telephone Support at 3-7474 to report the problem. The report will be given to a repair technician for resolution.


Telephone Number Change

Your residence hall staff will submit an on-line ITS ServiceNow ticket requesting the telephone number change. Once the ServiceNow ticket is received, the new telephone number will be called to the hall staff who submitted the request.



Campus voice mail is NOT available for student phone service.


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