Microsoft Anti-virus' Not Supported on ResNet

Beginning Monday, July 11, 2016, the Student Technology Center is relocating to the duBois Center.
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NAU ResNet will no longer support Microsoft Security Essentials or Windows Defender as approved ResNet SafeConnect anti-virus programs.


Why is ResNet ending support for Microsoft Anti-Virus programs?
NAU’s ResNet policies are designed to ensure that the network is safe for everyone. Microsoft and third-party security companies have determined that MSE and Windows Defender provide only ‘baseline’ security and do not provide the same level of protection that other free or paid anti-virus programs provide.

What are my alternatives?
Most Windows users will be able to switch to the NAU-provided Sophos Anti-Virus. Other NAU supported free Anti-Virus programs include:
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What if I want to keep my Microsoft anti-virus?
Windows computers will be blocked from using the Internet on ResNet until they have an approved anti-virus program installed, running, and updated. We do not recommend using more than one anti-virus program at a time.

I’m having problems installing another anti-virus. Where can I get help?
The Student Technology Center is here to help you with installing a new anti-virus. For more information on the STC, visit