MyNAU Tips: Helpful Hints for Using MyNAU

Do you have comments, questions or suggestions about MyNAU?

Use the Submit Feedback link in the top blue bar!

MyNAU Tips - Submit Feedback
We'd love to hear from you. Is there something you'd like to see in MyNAU? Something that could work better for you? Having trouble finding what you need? Let us know with the Submit Feedback link at the top of MyNAU. If you'd like a response, include your name and email address, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. If you prefer to remain anonymous, that's OK too. Thanks for your help in making MyNAU an even better tool for you!


Does MyNAU look “scrambled” in your Internet Explorer?

You may need to upgrade IE or turn Compatibility View OFF.

Using an old version of Internet Explorer can cause MyNAU to display incorrectly, with items out of place and overlapping each other, as shown in the images below:
MyNAU Tips - IE version/compatibility issues

We recommend Internet Explorer 9, but version 8 will work as well.  Version 7 is no longer supported by MyNAU or Bb Learn. You can find which version you're using by clicking the help menu and then "About Internet Explorer".

If you're running Internet Explorer version 7, you can upgrade it by going to the Internet Explorer Downloads page.

If you're running version 8 or 9 then you may have compatibility mode enabled, which also causes problems. Make sure that under the "Tools" menu, "Compatibility View" is not checked.

If none of these suggestions help, please contact technical support for either students or faculty/staff via the Technical Support links in the left column of MyNAU.


Keep track of your favorite websites with MyNAU Bookmarks!

Wherever you are, as long as you can get to MyNAU, your favorite website links will be there for you. Just store them in the Bookmarks portlet.

MyNAU Tips - Bookmarks
Employees should see Bookmarks on their Resources & Tools page. If you don’t have the Bookmarks portlet, you can add it to your MyNAU. Just click the Customize tab near the top of MyNAU and look in the NAU Apps category.


Looking for Bb Learn or LOUIE?

Pull down the GO TO menu at upper right!

MyNAU Tips - GO TO menu, collapsed
The GO TO menu, found at the right-hand side of the blue bar at the top of MyNAU, contains links to the tools we know you use the most, such as Bb Learn, LOUIE, and the NAU Search page (as well as the NAU Index and Home pages).
MyNAU Tips - GO TO menu, expanded


Need a ride? Have books to sell? Looking for a roommate?

Check out the MyNAU Classifieds portlet - it’s FREE!

MyNAU Tips - Classifieds portlet
Figure: MyNAU Tips - Classifieds portlet

If you have items to sell or are looking to buy, the Classifieds portlet is your place to post a free ad. If you need a roommate or a place to live, let your fellow Lumberjacks know. MyNAU Classifieds helps you “go green” by looking for carpooling partners or rides out of town, all in a paperless environment—no more cluttered bulletin boards!

If you don’t see the Classifieds portlet, you can add it to your MyNAU—just click the Customize tab near the top. (Employees should already have it on their Resources & Tools page.)


Need help with MyNAU?

Check out the Question Mark (?) in the blue navigation bar!

MyNAU Tips - Help menu, collapsed

The question mark icon at the top of MyNAU leads to a Help menu, with links that will help you:

  • Customize your MyNAU look and feel by adding content portlets and moving them around.
  • Learn more about the Calendar portlet. For example, did you know you can view Bb Learn class calendars and NAU events in Google Calendar, Outlook or Apple iCal?
  • Take another look at the "Getting Started" image for MyNAU beginners. (To disable that popup again, select the "Don't show this message again" checkbox at the bottom.)

We'll be adding more help info in the coming weeks. If you have a suggestion for a MyNAU Help topic, let us know by using the Submit Feedback link in the blue bar.

MyNAU Tips - Help menu, expanded


What are those things on the left of MyNAU?

Navigate between pages, get technical help, and more!

MyNAU Navigation Bar
Figure: MyNAU Navigation Bar
The gray buttons on the left take you to different pages of content. When you first log in to MyNAU, the MyNAU Home page is displayed, but you can get to other pages and portlets via the gray buttons (for example, Calendar). You also can add more pages; just click the Add Tab link below your gray buttons.

Use the links under Technical Support to get help with MyNAU and other NAU online services.


What other links are in MyNAU?

Check out the Student Links or Faculty/Staff Links!

MyNAU Tips - Student Links
MyNAU Tips - Faculty/Staff Links, menu expanded
While the GO TO menu contains just a few high-usage links, the Student Links and Faculty/Staff Links portlets provide even more links to popular NAU websites and services. You'll find one or both of these portlets on your MyNAU Home page.


You can minimize your portlets.

The portlets/channels on your MyNAU page can be minimized to save space. Click the minus sign to minimize. Click the plus sign to restore.

MyNAU Tips - Minimizing portlets

The portlets/channels on your MyNAU pages can now be minimized to save space. "Portlet" is the official name of the apps within the small windows on each MyNAU page. They used to be called "channels."

  • To minimize a portlet, click the minus sign icon located in the top header bar of the portlet.
  • To restore a portlet to normal size, click the plus sign in the top header bar of the portlet.

In the image above, the Email Manager portlet is minimized, and the Faculty/Staff Links portlet is normal size (not minimized).


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MyNAU is the place where all of your NAU services are located. Access your NAU email, view your class schedule, and much more.
Available to studentsAvailable to facultyAvailable to staff

MyNAU is the place where all of your NAU services are located. Access your NAU email, view your class schedule, and much more.


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