iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod): NAU Secure Wireless

Connecting to NAU Secure with iOS

Connect with any iOS device.

Step 1:

Click the "Settings" Icon located in the main menu of your iOS device.

 iOS Settings Button

Step 2:

Select the "Wi-Fi option on the left side of the screen.

iOS Wi-Fi

Step 3: 

A drop down list will appear on the right side of your device displaying available networks. Select "NAU" under the "Choose a Network" window.

iOS Select Network

Step 4:

To log onto the secured wireless network, enter your NAU UserID into the "User name" field followed by your NAU Password into the "Password" field. Afterwards, tap "Join".

*For NAU Faculty & Staff: be sure to specify the NAU domain before your NAU UserID. (Example: NAU\abc123).

iOS NAU Secure Credentials