SafeAssign - Global Reference Database

What is the Global Reference Database in Blackboard Learn/SafeAssign and how does it work?


Blackboard’s Global Reference Database is a separate database where students voluntarily donate copies of their papers to help prevent plagiarism across universities that use SafeAssign. It is separated from NAU's internal Blackboard database, where all papers are normally stored. Students are free to submit their papers to their SafeAssignments without submitting them to the Global Reference Database (just uncheck the checkbox). Students submit their papers to the database voluntarily and agree not to delete papers from the Global Reference Database in the future. Submissions to the Global Reference Database are extra copies that are given voluntarily for the purpose of helping with plagiarism prevention between institutions. Blackboard does not claim ownership of submitted papers.


An FAQ about the Global Reference Database can be found at the bottom of this page.


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