Outlook 2013 (Windows)

Available To: Faculty, Staff

Outlook 2013 is the latest full-featured emailing and contact management software from the Microsoft Office suite. From a redesigned look to advanced email organization, search and communication features, Outlook 2013 provides you with a world-class experience to stay productive and in touch.

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Outlook 2013 Essential Training (Lynda.com)

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Exchange is the official employee email and calendar system for the university.

Training & Documentation

This is a guide to clearing out space in Outlook 2013 email.

How to manually recreate an Outlook 2013 email profile. 

How to access a shared email account in Outlook 2013. 

How to connect to a shared calendar in Outlook 2013. 

How to create and edit contact groups with Outlook 2013. 

Setting up appointments and meetings in Outlook 2013. 

Outlook 2013 allows you to export email folders to PST files to back them up. This can be done by following the step-by-step instructions given in this guide.

How to grant calendar access to other users and delegates. 

This is a guide to the Outlook 2013 Mailbox Cleanup tool.

How to search for a user by name in Outlook 2013. 

How to set up an E-mail account in Outlook 2013.