Outlook 2007: Setting Up Email

Adding a New Email Account

Setting up a new email account in Microsoft Outlook 2007 can be achieved by following these step-by-step instructions.

Step 1

Outlook 2007 menu bar
Figure: Outlook 2007 menu bar
Click on "Tools" in the menu bar.

Step 2

Tools Menu
Figure: Tools Menu
In the menu that appears, click "Account Settings."

Step 3

Account Settings
Figure: Account Settings
In the "Account Settings" window, make sure the "E-mail" tab is selected and click "New."

Step 4

Add New Email Account (Choose Server)
Figure: Add New Email Account (Choose Server)
Add New Email Account
Figure: Add New Email Account
There will be two options to choose from for an email service.  Select "Microsoft Exchange, POP3, IMAP, or HTTP" and click "Next."

Step 5

Email account information entry
Figure: Email account information entry
Fill out the appropriate fields with your name, email address, and password.  Your password will need to be retyped in the last field.  Once everything is filled out, click "Next" to automatically configure your account.  Once your account is configured, click "Finish."  Your new Outlook 2007 email account is now set up.