BlackBerry 10 Exchange Setup

Before you begin using Exchange for mobile devices you will first need to agree to NAU's Mobile Device policies at:

To setup your NAU Exchange email account on your BlackBerry 10 device please follow these step by step instructions.
* Please note that these images were taken on a BlackBerry Z10 device and some items may very slightly on other devices.

  1. From the BlackBerry 10 home screen select the settings icon. 
    BlackBerry Home Screen

  2. Once in system settings select "Account".
    BlackBerry Settings Screen

  3. In the "Add Account" section type in your NAU Exchange email in to the "Email Address" field. Then press the "Next" button.
    BlackBerry Email Address

  4. In the "Password" field type in your current NAU Password. Once you have entered your password tap in the any white space on the screen to reveal the "Advanced" option at the bottom of the screen. 
    BlackBerry Email Password

  5. In the "Advanced" options you will find the following options:
    Description: Common name for users to find their email in the phone
    Domain: NAU
    Username: NAU User ID
    Server Address:
    BlackBerry Email Advanced

  6. After you have finished with the advanced options you can setup what items you desire your phone to sync from your NAU Exchange account. 
    BlackBerry Sync


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