Entourage 2008 Calendar: Creating a Recurring Event or Meeting

To create a new event or meeting click on the New button. You can also create an event in the calendar by double-clicking a time period in the day, week, or month view. The date and time of your selection are automatically entered in the new event window.
New Event
Figure: New Event
Enter the details for your new event then click in the "Occurs" box. You will be presented with a menu list of preconfigured recurring events. If a preconfigured event doesn’t meet your needs, click "custom"… to open the Recurring Event setup window.
Recurring Event Details
Figure: Recurring Event Details

Inviting People to Your Event 

You can invite others to your event by clicking the "Invite" button and then typing the invitees’ names in the "To:" field in the invitee box. After you have entered the names for all of the individuals you wish to invite, close the To: box by clicking on the small gray square located in the top left corner of the box.


Recurring Event Invite
Figure: Recurring Event Invite
Click the "Scheduling" tab to find out whether your invitees are free or busy. If all of the people you wish to invite are available, click the "Send Now" button and the event will be added to schedule. The individuals invited to the event will receive an email asking them to accept or decline your invitation.
Recurring Event Scheduling Assistant
Figure: Recurring Event Scheduling Assistant
The event will appear on the calendar with the recurring arrows symbol.Recurring Event Icon 


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