Conference Registration Directions

When outside (non-NAU) conferences or events come to NAU, the conference personnel will contact NAU about their needs. When the conference attendees need to have network connectivity they will let their NAU contact person know (usually someone in the sponsoring department, at duBois, or the Union). This contact person should then call the Solution Center to arrange to have connectivity for the conference.

Setting up a conference requires these steps:

  1. Someone in the sponsoring department, at duBois, or the Union needs to be responsible for registering the attendees MAC addresses. Anyone with a JAN or DANA account can manage a conference.
  2. Setting up the conference (see the steps and screen snaps below).
  3. Having the user (whoever the conference manager is) register the conference computers' MAC addresses--either before the conference, if they have the MAC addresses sent ahead; or when the computers arrive on campus, perhaps as part of the conference registration process.

Open up diamond. Click on DNS/DHCP Maintenance. Log in.

Select Conference Maintenance from the menu on the left.


Select the  Add Conference radio button. Fill it in as follows.

Conference: Name that will identify the conference.Conference ID: The subnet for the department sponsoring the event--except for duBois conferences. For these please use the conference name for the identifier.
Expiration: This is the date that the registration will expire. A

ll computers will lose their registration at the end of this day.Registerer UID: The user name for the person who will is setting up the conference--YOUR USER NAME.


Press the Submit button. The information will be displayed as such...


Next you will need to add the people to the Registerer UID that will be responsible for registering the computers as they come on campus, (the hosting department may want several staff members to be able to register computer MAC addresses for conference attendees). Both Jan and Dana account holders can be added as registerers.

To add a registerer, select the Add Registerer radio button.

Fill in the Conference text box with the name of the conference and add the userto the Registerer UID


Click the Submit button.

Add Registration

To add another user, click the browsers back button and add the next user.

To view a conference, select the List Conference radio button.

Type in the name of the conference.

List Conferences

Click the Submit button.

List Conferences


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