Entourage 2008 Calendar: Viewing Others' Schedules

To look up the schedules of other people at NAU you must set up an event invitation. This allows you to use the scheduling tab to view other’s schedules. Once you have looked at other’s schedules you can set up a meeting or you can then delete the invitation without sending it to anybody.

  1. Create a New Event or Meeting (used to view other’s schedules). To create a new event or meeting click on the New button.

New Event
Figure: New Event
  1. Invite people whose calendars you wish to view by clicking the Invite button. Type the invitees’ names in the To: field in the invitee box. After you have entered the names for all of the individuals you wish to view, close the box by clicking on the small gray square located in the top left corner of the box.

New Event Invite People
Figure: New Event Invite People
  1. Click the Scheduling tab to see free / busy information for the event Invitees.

View Others Calendar Schedule
Figure: View Others Calendar Schedule
When you are done viewing the schedules, cancel the event by clicking the Cancel Invite button, then clicking the Delete button. A text box will open asking if you are sure you want to delete the event, click Delete.


Training & Documentation

A list of documents that explain how to perform a variety of calendar operations using the Entourage 2008 client.