Entourage 2008 Calendar: Creating an Event

Click on the New event button.New Event Icon You can also create an event in the calendar by double-clicking a time period in the day, week, or month view. The date and time of your selection are automatically entered in the new event window.
New Event
Figure: New Event
Type the subject for your event in the Subject: field, type the location for your event Location: field.
New Event Details
Figure: New Event Details

Modify your Event’s Start and End Dates and Times:

You can easily schedule an all day event by placing a check in the All-day Event checkbox. When All-day event is selected the event start and end time fields will be removed from the New Event window and the date of the All-day Event will be shaded on your calendar, thus indicting that you are busy for the entire day. All-day events can be used to indicate to others that you are unable to accept any events for the day, or that you are attending an event that will last the entire day.

New Event All Day
Figure: New Event All Day
New Event All Day Sample
Figure: New Event All Day Sample
Set Event Reminder: Event reminders are on by default and set to remind you of an event 15 minutes before it is scheduled to occur. You can adjust the time OR you can turn off event reminders by removing the check mark from the Reminder check box.


Training & Documentation

A list of documents that explain how to perform a variety of calendar operations using the Entourage 2008 client.