Entourage 2008 Calendar: Allowing Others to See Appointment Details

By default, everyone using the IRIS system can use scheduling assistant to see whether you are free or busy at a particular time. These steps will show you how to change your settings to allow others to see the appointment details in your calendar.

Open Calendar. In the column on the left RIGHT-click (or Ctrl+click) on Calendar. And choose Folder Properties.

Shared Properties
The Folder Properties: Calendar window will open. Choose the Permissions tab. The default setting is “None”. This means that others can only view free/busy.
Shared Details Calendar Properties
To allow everyone to see your subject and location change the permission level to Reviewer. Click Apply and then OK.
Shared Details Permission Levels

To only allow a select person (or persons) to see your appointment details, leave Default set to None.

Click Add User… and then find the person you would like to add and click the Advanced… button.

Shared Details Advanced Properties
Figure: Shared Details Advanced Properties
In the Advanced window type nau in the Domain box and the person’s username in the Account ID box. Leave Type set to User and click OK.
Shared Details User Look Up
Figure: Shared Details User Look Up
You can add several people this way. (You can also type their username in the Find box instead of typing their first and last names.)
Shared Details User Look Up 2
Figure: Shared Details User Look Up 2
The person (or people) you have selected is now displayed in the Name box underneath Default. Click on a person’s name and change their permission level to Reviewer (or click on the Read Items check box). Do this for each name you have added then click OK.
Shared Details User Permissions

Permissions defined:  

  • OWNER – has the same rights to do everything the host can.
  • PUBLISHING EDITOR – Same rights as owner.
  • EDITOR – Same as publishing editor except the editor cannot create subfolders
  • PUBLISHING AUTHOR – Publishing author can view all items, create new items but can only edit or delete items the publishing author created.
  • AUTHOR – Same as publishing author except the author can not create subfolders
  • NONEDITING AUTHOR – Has the same rights as the author but can only delete items that the nonediting author creates. It cannot edit items, even those it creates.
  • REVIEWER – Can only read the shared item.
  • CONTRIBUTOR – Can only create new items and cannot view calendar items at all.

The appointment details will now show up in the Scheduling Tab. To see complete details hover your mouse over the appointment and a window will pop up displaying the details.

Shared Details Event Scheduling Assistant
Figure: Shared Details Event Scheduling Assistant


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