Accessing a BBLearn Pass

When you receive an email with a link to a BBLearn pass, you will be taken to a page with options based on the permissions given by the pass creator. This guide will show how to navigate these options. Note that depending on the permissions you have been given, you may or may not have access to all of the options shown in this guide.  


Read File

 BBLearn Third Party Passes 1.5

After clicking the link in the email you received, a web page will open offering a list of options. Click "Read File" to view the contents of the file in your web browser window. Note: This only works if your browser can natively display the shared file type, or has a plugin to do so. If your browser is unable to display the file, you can still download it to your PC and open it with another application.


Edit Settings

 BBLearn Third Party Passes 2

Click "Edit Settings" to go to the screen to change settings and lock options.

 BBLearn Third Party Passes 3

On the "Edit Settings" screen, you can change the file name or place a check in the "Lock File" check box to lock the file. Left-click the "Submit" button to save your changes.


Overwrite File

 BBLearn Third Party Passes 4

Click "Overwrite File" to be taken to the screen for replacing the current file with a different one.

 BBLearn Third Party Passes 5

Click "Choose File" to browse your computer for a file to overwrite the current one with. Left-click the "Submit" button to overwrite the file.



 BBLearn Third Party Passes 6

Click "Versions" to view changes made to the file.

 BBLearn Third Party Passes 7

You can find each version of the file in a list. Click the name of the desired version to view it.


Save File

 BBLearn Third Party Passes 8

After clicking the link in the email, right-click the permanent URL of the file.

 BBLearn Third Party Passes 9

In the menu that appears, left-click "Save link as" (or the equivalent option, depending on your web browser). This will allow you to save the file to your computer.


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