How to Email Links to Shared Files in BB Learn Content Collection

The BB Learn Content Collection file sharing system has a feature for emailing download links to your uploaded files. You can email links to your Content Collection files in BB Learn by following these step-by-step instructions. Note that this process only works for NAU students, faculty, and staff. To email a link to someone outside of NAU please see the page on creating and emailing a Pass.

Step 1

BBLearn Email Links 1

On the Content Collection screen, in the list of uploaded files, check the boxes next to the desired files. When you are finished, left-click "Email Items."

Step 2

BBLearn Email Links 2.5

On the email screen, left-click the "To" button.

Step 3

BBLearn Email Links 3

You can add any combination of users, groups, or email addresses as recipients of the email. Use the buttons as instructed. When you are finished, left-click "Submit."

Step 4

BBLearn Email Links 4.5

Type your subject in the "Subject" field and your email in the "Message" field. When you are finished, left-click the "Submit" button to send the email.


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