Authorized Users and Parental Tax Access

Authorized Users

The Authorized User system is the website used by students to set up accounts for people whom they would like to grant access to their financial information and to make payments. This system allows the student's primary login information (user ID and password) to be safe and secure, while allowing a parent or guardian to have access to all of the financial information that they need.

StudentsHere are instructions for students on how to create an Authorized User account. Keep in mind that only the student can create Authorized User accounts. 

Parents and Guardians: Visit this website to reset your password if it isn't working (click on link that says "e-mailed" underneath "Forgot your password?"). 

Authorized User accounts do not grant access to 1098T tax forms. For access to those, you will need to use a Tax Access account (see below).

Parental Tax Access

The Parental Tax Access system is used to give parents and guardians access to the 1098T tax form. As with Authorized User accounts, a Tax Access account must be set up by the student and only students can reset passwords for these accounts. 

Tax Access accounts cannot be used to pay bills. Only Authorized User accounts are able to make payments to student accounts (see above).

Parents and Guardians can login here. Do not log into the regular LOUIE website—you can only log in using the previous link.

Students: Instructions for to create Parental Tax Access accounts are: 

  1. Log into LOUIE.
  2. In the lower-right hand corner of your student center, under LOUIE - Other Services, click on Authorize Parental Tax Access.
  3. Click on Add a New User Account.
  4. Click I Agree.
  5. (optional) You may have to click Yes - Proceed next (under FERPA Restriction). If that option does not appear, ignore this step
  6. A UserID will be generated for you. Write this down and give it to your parent/guardian. Next setup a password (following the password complexity rules on the page) as well as enter in the person's name and relationship to you. Be sure to leave the Grant Access to my 1098T tax information checkbox checked.
  7. Click Create Account and give the login information to your parent or guardian. 
To edit a password for an existing Tax Access account, please follow these instructions:
  1. Log into LOUIE.
  2. In the lower-right hand corner of your student center, under LOUIE - Other Services, click on Authorize Parental Tax Access.
  3. Click Edit next to the account for which you want to modify the password.
  4. Check the Do you want to reset password? check box and then change the password.
  5. Click Safe Profile.


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