Add a Class Using LOUIE

You can add a class to your schedule using the LOUIE Student Center during open enrollment dates. Add/drop dates can be found on the NAU Academic Calendar, and your personal open enrollment dates can be found by clicking on Enrollment Appointment in the right column of your LOUIE Student Center. See the tutorial called, View My Enrollment Dates if you need more information, or contact your advisor.

If you are ready to Add a Class, follow the instructions in this tutorial.

Click the Enroll hyperlink under the Academics heading on the left hand side in your LOUIE Student Center, as shown framed in red in Figure 1 below. If you do not see Enroll or the list of hyperlinks underneath the Academics heading, click on the green triangle in front of the word Academics to display them.

Figure 1 

Enroll button

Next you will be directed to select the term for which you want to add a class as shown below in Figure 2. Select the appropriate term and then click Continue.

Figure 2

Select term

On the “Add Classes - Select classes to add” page, you will see several sections, all framed in red in Figure 3 below. The top of the page holds the navigation bar. This allows you to complete different functions by clicking on the tabs associated with the function you wish to perform. For this tutorial we will stay within the "add" tab.

Under the navigation bar, there is a Change Term section, and directly below this, there is a “Shopping Cart” for the selected term. This is the section where the classes you add will be displayed. Directly to the right of the cart there are two options for adding courses to the cart: Enter Class Number and Find Classes.  See the tutorial called, Search for Classes  if you need more information on how to proceed.  

In Figure 3 you will also see the current class schedule for your term at the bottom of the page. The one shown below is empty, but if you are adding a class to your schedule in the current term, your class schedule will show the courses you are enrolled in.

Figure 3

Select Classes to Add Page

If you know the course number of the class you wish to take, insert it into the text box under Enter Class Number and click enter. If you wish to look up classes, select the Class Search radi0 button under Find Classes and click search.

After selecting Class Search and clicking enter you will be navigated to the Enter Search Criteria page (Figure 4).

There are multiple options to choose from to narrow your search.

  • Course Subject (outlined in green) allows you to choose a subject like mathematics (MAT), anthropology (ANT), humanities (HUM), etc. If you are looking for a class with a specific subject this is where you would select it.
  • Course Number (outlined in blue) allows you to enter the course number you are looking for if you know the specific number that corresponds to a course you wish to take. For example, if you knew you needed to take a Bio 181 class as a major requirement you would select “is exactly” from the drop down menu and then type 181 in the text box next to it. If you knew that you need to take courses above the 200 level, you could select “greater than or equal to from the drop down menu and input 200 into the text box.
  • Campus (outlined in purple) allows you to select the campus you wish to take your courses at. If you do not input a campus location, it assumes that you are on the main campus in Flagstaff. Also here you can choose to select the button for Online classes. If this is selected then the courses that show up when you accept will only be online courses.
  • Requirement Designation (outlined in orange) allows you to select the specific requirements that you are looking to fill within a course, whether they are University Requirements (like Social and Political Worlds, Cultural Understanding, or Ethnic Diversity) or broad Major Requirements required of every major (like a junior writing requirement or a senior capstone course).
  • Course Career (outlined in yellow) allows you to filter courses to show only undergraduate or graduate courses.

Below all the criteria there is another bar titled Additional Search Criteria with a green triangle in front of it all outlined in black in Figure 4.

Figure 4

Class Search Criteria

If you select the green triangle on the Additional Search Criteria bar (shown above) a whole new set of narrowing options will open below it a seen in Figure 5.

These search parameters will allow you to designate specific days of the weeks and times that you are looking for, enter the last name of an instructor to find classes offered by them, enter the code assigned to the specific course, a keyword or title of the course, number of units or credits you wish the course to have, starting month of the of the course, and the mode of instruction.

When you are done selecting your parameters, click Search to submit or click Clear Criteria to start over.

Figure 5

Additional Search Criteria

If we choose to look up an Anthropology (ANT) 101 class and click search, on the class Search Results page, you will see all open ANT 101 classes displayed as shown in Figure 6 below. The green circle next to Status indicates that this section is open for enrollment, as shown framed in red, in Figure 6 below.  If the class displayed is closed, you will see a blue box in the Status column. There may also be an icon with a circled “R” next to the course status. This means that there are reserved seats in the class for certain groups of people like transfer students or students studying abroad.

In most cases there will be multiple sections of the class open on different days or on different times. When you find one you are interested in adding to your schedule, you can click on the hyperlink of the section number shown outlined in orange for more information. Click on the green select class shown framed in purple in Figure 6 below to select the course for your schedule. 

If you do not see a class you wish to add, you can click the Start a New Search button outlined in green in the bottom right corner to return to the Select classes to add page, or you can click on the blue Return to Add Classes text in the bottom left corner to return to the “Add Classes - Select classes to add” page shown in Figure 3.

Figure 6 

Search Results

After clicking on the section number shown in Figure 6 above outlined in orange, a course detail page will open.  This will include all the information about the class (Figure 7).

If you are sure you want to add the class, click the green Select Class button outlined in red.

  • Note that courses can be dropped if you choose to do so. For more information see Drop a Class.

If you do not want to add the class to your schedule, click on the blue View Search Results button outlined in blue to return to the Search Results page shown above in Figure 6 or you can return to the “Add Classes - Select classes to add” page shown in Figure 3 by clicking on the text Return to Add Classes outlined in green (Figure 7)

Figure 7 

Course Detail

The Enrollment Preferences page will display once you have chosen a class to add. Here you can enter a permission number, if needed for an override, in the Permission Number textbox as shown framed in red in Figure 8 below. If you need a permission number, please contact your advisor.

Once you have verified this is the course you wish to add, by looking at the course detail on the bottom of the Enrollment Preferences page, click the green Next button. Otherwise click the blue Cancel button.

Figure 8

Add Course

You will now see the Add Classes - Select classes to add page with a green dialog box informing you that the course you selected has been added to your enrollment shopping cart (shown in figure 9 outlined in green). You can either add more classes or proceed with enrollment.

When you are satisfied with your class selections, click on the green Proceed to Step 2 or 3 button below your shopping cart, as shown framed in red, in Figure 9 below.

Figure 9

Proceed Adding Course

You are now on Step 2 of the Add Classes - Confirm classes page. In order to continue on, you must first check the box that states you have read the terms and conditions (outlined in red in Figure 10 below).

Once you have checked this box you can confirm your selection by clicking on the green Finish Enrolling button after verifying that the class or classes listed at the bottom of the page are the ones you wish to add to your schedule (outlined in orange). To exit without adding the class, click the Cancel button outlined in blue or you can go back and save your current class selections by clicking Previous (outlined in green) to return to the add classes page and add more courses.

Figure 10

Confirm Courses to be Added

Step 3 on the Add Classes - View Results page allows you to view the status report for enrollment confirmations and errors, as shown in Figure 11 below.

If there is a green check mark under the status column next to the class you added, the add was successful. If you see a red X in the status column, there was an error and the class was not added. If you receive this error when adding a class in LOUIE, first check to see if the course is still open and that you meet all the prerequisite and other requirements for the course. If you still have questions please consult your advisor.

Figure 11 

Course Results


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