Windows 7: NAU Secure Wireless

Connecting to NAU Secure Wireless

Step 1:

From your desktop, Left-click on the wireless icon in the bottom-right hand corner.

Wi-Fi Icon

Step 2:

A menu pops up displaying all available connections. Under "Wireless Network Connection" Left-click the network named "NAU".

Connections List

Step 3:

If you wish for your computer to automatically connect to this network make sure the "Connect Automatically" box is checked. Left-click the "Connect" button.


Step 4:

A new window appears asking for a Username and Password. In the "User name" field enter your NAU Username and in the "Password" field enter your NAU password. Then, Left-click "OK".

*For NAU Faculty & Staff: be sure to specify the NAU domain before your NAU UserID. (Example: NAU\abc123).



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