Honor, distinction, and community

If you’re an academically-motivated student, the University Honors Program will help you push academic boundaries. Surround yourself with a strong community of engaged scholars for support and inspiration that use civility, compassion, empathy, and humility to make our world a better and brighter place.

See our video highlighting Honors student participation in the program.

Our rigorous, personalized program of study with honors-distinguished coursework, will challenge your intellect and stimulate your love of learning. Upon graduation you will receive special honors distinction on your transcripts, helping you gain a competitive edge early in your chosen career. These Honors highlights serve as proof of your diligence and drive--someone who stands out to future employers or top-notch graduate schools.

The benefits of the Honors community assist you with your transition to college life while helping to ensure your success:

  • small, discussion-based seminar-style classes
  • personalized mentoring from professors and advisers
  • central campus location with classes, faculty, advisers, and program offices right in your residence hall
  • extended library privileges
  • one-on-one tutoring
  • scholarship opportunities
  • unique and enriching department events, lectures, workshops and activities
  • early enrollment

Ernest Calderón Learning Community to house incoming Fall 2015 Honors first  year students

Ernest Calderón Learning Community’s academically-focused and 24-hour quiet environment is appreciated by residents who place success in their college career as their top priority. Calderón is a suite-style hall in central campus, offering several study spaces, kitchens, two classrooms, game room, fitness room and third floor “Summit Lounge” featuring a sweeping view of the mountains. 

More information on the Honors Calderón LC, including information on how to apply for Calderón and the Honors LC, can be found here.

The Honors LC in Calderón Learning Community is currently at capacity for Fall 2016. 


Honors announces NEW scholarships for incoming Fall 2016 freshmen  

Honors freshman applicants for Fall 2016 received by November 16, 2015 at 11:59pm will be considered for 25 $1000 scholarships! That's reason enough to begin working on your application to the Honors Program! Apply for Honors here.

The Honors community: get involved 

Bonding with professors and classmates is part of the Honors experience. Lifelong connections with other Honors students form best when working and living together.  

Western Regional Honors Council's Annual Conference 2013 

Northern Arizona University Honors was the host for the 2013 WRHC Annual Conference in the High Country Conference Center.