Senior Forester Academy 2014

  • culture lesson
    Campers learn about different cultures
  • deer figures
    Making animal figures
  • web of life
    Campers demonstrate the web of life
  • West Clear Creek hike
    Campers getting ready for a hike to the creek
  • guest fun
    Camper learns to throw an Atlatl
  • camper and invasive
    Learning about invasive species
  • invasive species
    Campers get a lesson on invasive species vs native species
  • make new friends
    Getting acquainted
  • happy campers
    Happy campers at West Clear Creek
  • camper relaxing at creek
    Relaxing in the creek
  • bird adaptation
    Campers learning about how birds adapt to their environments
  • campers swimming
    Enjoying the creek
  • birthday time
    Celebrating a birthday at camp
  • best friends
    New friends
  • camper and native
    Planting a native tree
  • sapling and campers
    Planting saplings at camp
  • poster project
    A crew giving a presentation on their findings
  • SFA Group
    SFA group photo at the creek
  • Hanako's project
    Hanako explains her crews findings
  • Interested learners
    Intensily studying beetles