Guest Speakers 2012

  • Bill Cordasco
    Professor Lisa Majure had the President of Babbitt Ranches, Billy Cordasco, come speak to her FIN 451 class. Cordasco’s presentation centered on three major points: the differences between a family-owned, privately-held company and a “fortune 500”-type corporation; various family dynamics in business; and multiple stakeholder goals.
  • Bob Loechel
    Bob Loechel, Business Development Executive, IBM, spoke to the students about his long and diverse career at IBM. He also stressed the importance for the students to identify what aspects of the work environment are essential to them (risk vs. reward, large vs. small company cultures, etc).
  • Vic Helmig
    Vic Helmig
  • Robert Jordan 1
    Robert Jordan
  • Mark Layton
    Mark Layton
  • J.Duross O'Bryan
    J. Duross O'Bryan (’78) spoke to Professor Larry Mohrweis’ ACC 480 class. O'Bryan is a managing director in the Financial Advisory Services practice. With over 23 years of experience, O’Bryan is a respected expert in the areas of accounting issues and malpractice; securities litigation; and financial fraud.
  • Rene Hornbaker
    Renee Hornbaker, the CFO at Stream Energy and the 2010 Dallas CFO of the Year, spoke to Assistant Professor Tom Downen’s ACC 355 class. She talked about her professional experiences working as a CFO but a large portion of her discussion centered on working for and with Mr. Franke and the lessons she learned from him.
  • Kelley Knutsen
    Kelley Knutson spoke to Susan Carder’s MKT 480 class. Kelley shared his work experience and how each position he held has provided knowledge and experience for the next position. He also discussed doing business on a global basis.
  • Peter McClean 1
    Peter McClean, former Managing Director of Gulfstream Advisors LLC, is a graduate of NAU who spent much of his career in risk management for major investment banks on the East Coast. He spoke to the students about information available in asset prices, what comprises a good company analysis, and how to turn data into information.
  • Darren Tallman 1
    Darren Tallman, VP of Finance for Vermeer Equipment of Texas, a 1997 NAU graduate, came to speak to Emy Tice’s FIN 311 class. Tallman explained that he used the same methods for capital budgeting that students are currently learning about in class: Net Present Value, Internal Rate of Return and Discounted Payback periods.
  • Pat Wicks
    Donald “Pat” Wicks, Director of Finance for the City of Yuma, is speaking in the Governmental Accounting Class (ACC 456).
  • Ben Disanti
    Ben Disanti, Senior Vice President of Planning & Perspective at TPN marketing firm, speaks to Jennifer Mitchell's MKT 438 class. Disanti's presentation focused on utilizing integrated marketing strategies and what students can actually do with a degree in marketing.
  • Butcher
    In Dr. David Albritton’s MGT 490C capstone class, speaker Dale Butcher presented highlights from his career, describing the challenges and joy of growing an enterprise and how important relationships are in business. Additionally, he shared his management philosophy and general perspective on investing.
  • Hawksworth
    Mike Hawksworth is president of MSS Technologies, an IT consulting firm, which specializes in management information system development and improvement. His presentation to the CIS 410 students centered on the life cycle of IT consulting projects and how management information systems are developing.