Making it Real

  • PING
    Allan Solheim, the son of PING founder Karsten Solheim, tells the engaging story of how the PING company got its start in 1959 in the family’s garage with the invention of the “pinging” putter, and later grow to be a major brand, committed to service and quality.
  • Job Shadow
    The Executive Job Shadow Program gives the students an opportunity to spend 2-3 days with a top level executive in their area of interest.
  • BizBlock
    BizBlock, an integrated management, marketing and business communication class, gives a glimpse of real-world situations by teaching students how to prepare extensive business plans, presenting those plans, and as the grand finally, compete with other teams to get their business idea funded by a panel of mock venture capitalists.
  • Guest speaker Kevin Landry
    Guest speaker Kevin Landry, Chief Executive Officer for New Horizons Computer Learning in Culver City, CA, shares his “real life” knowledge with a class of marketing students.
  • Lisa Autino, treasurer & CFO at Corbins Electric, is our newest FCB Hall of Fame member.
  • Mike Hawksworth, President of MSS Technologies, guest speaking in a CIS class
  • Peter McClean, retired managing director of Gulfstream Advisors spoked to the students about investment and risk analysis.
  • Dale Butcher, Former Co-Owner of Conquest Oil, shares his vast knowledge and life experience with management students